Friday, August 15, 2014

High School

Hi everyone! Hope you all are fine :) :)
So does it ever happen to you when you make a lot of plans and they all fall apart??Well that's what happened when I saw her...
High school is a time when you really discover yourself.Your body goes through hormonal changes and you kinda grow up.As a kid I was kinda overweight (people teased me and back in the days it bothered me) but just before high school I grew tall and lost a lot of weight. I had a lot of plans for my high school but they kind of fell apart on the first day when I saw a girl, not just a girl she was 'the girl'. Craziest thing is I had known her my whole life.We met in 2nd grade and ever since that day we were best friends and she is a huge part and reason of this blog...let's say if it wasn't for her my life might have been completely different and I might not even have this blog.
Neal and Friends

Do you remember the first time you ever liked someone??Because I sure is amazing and terrifying at the same time it weird!
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Neal Kind


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