Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman??

So how was your 2014??Did any of you join the Year Review Blog Party??
This is my last post this year next time I blog it'll be next year...I have some changes in mind for my blog still working out the details..hopefully you'd like it (Not theme wise) :D
I see a lot of bloggers putting a survey on their blog..it is fun and I just wanted to try it so I did..it was fun to make one, You can find My survey here if you want to..it might help me :D.
Survey seems like a good way to end the year but better way is to share my Frozen sketch with you people :D

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Your Year in Review

Awesome Catalina Blue tweeted a post on looking back at your year..basically it's bunch of questions you answer..She is also doing this post on her blog do check it out..:D

Friday, December 26, 2014

Envy's Christmas Story.

We all read and heard moral stories in our childhood.Stories that were very simple but had a deep life changing meaning.
Which one was your favorite? Mine was the one with the man who lost his ax and the fairy rewards him with a golden ax for being honest.
You know Envy, right?She blogs at Picking Up The Pieces :D
Her story kind of reminded me of moral stories :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas! + The Winter Wonderland Task 3

I was planning this for 25th but it got kind of long and I guessed you all will be busy celebrating so I'll postthis today..


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Movie Mania

Happy Holidays to anyone who's going on Christmas holidays..and "Pfft Lol" for anyone who like me is not getting any holiday :P XD
You know what I like about holidays??the fact I'm free to do what I want I can leave work pending for tomorrow I don't have to study if I don't want to and the fact I can watch as many movies as I want..During holidays my torrent is always ONN downloading movies for me :D
So here are some movies I absolutely love : (5 in each genre)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

CHAPTER 10 : The Day After

I know I said I won't post any comics this months but that was because I asked you people to share your Christmas stories for me to turn into comics but I didn't get any story..so I kind of drew next chapter :)
Sorry about the bad artwork in this one but I kind of did this one in a hurry because I got exams coming up :)
Find Older Chapters Here. (for new readers would love if you'd read them as well)
I don't want to hold back
                                                                                      I don't want to slip down
                                                      I don't want to think back to the one thing that I know I 
                                                                                            Should have done "

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2k14 TOP 5

So we are half way through the last month of 2014...you feel that??another year has gone by..this is the time we start asking ourselves how much our lives changed in the past year..So this post I'm gonna take different categories..different topics and choose top 5 in them...
Not necessarily in order

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Winter Wonderland Challenge Task 2

So Yasmine @Cloudy Dreams posted the second task..to be frank I wasn't thrilled about it..
Task was to dress up for winter and post a photograph..with makeup and all..I don't believe anyone would like to see me in a dress wearing makeup and I don't really have any desire to wear a pretty dress and put makeup on.As it turns out Yasmine is really thoughtful and she made an exception for me...I can sketch and post my pretty winter dress so thanks for that :D
I started thinking about it and then made it and do you know what I discovered..I would make one lousy fashion designer XD.
So anyways I think girls look even more  pretty in winter than they do in other seasons..it might sound weird but that is true...They look comfortable in cozy jackets and stuff...
And here is how I'd look in a pretty winter dress XD :P

Thursday, December 11, 2014

I See Skies of Blue Red Roses Too

This hasn't been the best week and neither will be next few...I've been busy..How I wish I could post next chapter but I haven't even sketched it yet :O
I got finals this month now..I'll get next week before theory exam..having practicals this week -_-

Have you heard 'What a Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong ?? I kind of like the song..
lyrics are beautiful :

Since I got nothing much to say.. here are some photographs from my terrace garden :D

Have a great day!

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Handwriting Tag

Hope you are all well :)
So I was tagged by : Another teen on the web.
Rules :
1. Answer The Questions2. Write them on a piece of paper3. Tag some people

I don't write this neatly even in exams :P I think this one is alright considering how I usually write..:P

Here's to hoping you have a great day..Good Morning from India :D

PS- Christmas story thing is still open for more details read.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

I'd Study but These Shows Won't Let Me

So does it ever happen you start watching a show and can't stop?? Like at the end of each day you say just 1 episode more??Happens to me everytime I find some awesome show..
So here is the list of shows I absolutely love to watch..

FRIENDS - I think it's the best sitcom made like ever.The way it focuses on a group of 6 friends is amazing..I've seen it over 5 times (the whole series)
There are so many hilarious dialogues in this show..
genre : Comedy,romance
favourite Character : Chandler Bing,Phoebe Buffay,Joey Tribbiani,Ross Gellar, Monica Gellar, Rachel Green,Gunther,Janice,Jack Gellar,Judy Gellar.
No. of Seasons :10 (all equally funny)

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER - This show is legen..wait for it..dary..legendary..! Neil Patrick Harris is simply brilliant as Barney Stinson.Show eventually loses it's magic tough towards the end but still show is pretty awesome and I wouldn't mind recommending it to others.
genre : Comedy,Romance
fav. Char. : Barney Stinson and Robin.
No. of Seasons : 9 (I love S1-7)

THE BIG BANG THEORY - This is again hilarious show which surprisingly focuses on a bunch of nerds..Ohhh..Sheldon!..Penny (kaley cuoco) is so hot! Some people don't get alot of science related jokes but studying physics chemistry made it easier for me to get those jokes and they're really nerdy and hilarious :P
genre :Comedy.Romance
fav. Char. : Sheldon (like there can be anyone else) and Penny.
No. of Seasons : 8 and counting.

BREAKING BAD -"Say My Name".."Better call Saul" "Science Bitch!"...there are so many epic lines from this show..Walter White!! *_*
Fav. Character : Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and Saul!
genre : Crime, Drama
Seasons : 5

GAME OF THRONES -"Brace yourself Winter is coming" man this show is amazing...I was reluctant to watch it at first but then I saw 1st episode I knew this show is my favourite..younger audience should definitely stay away from this one though...I can rant on and on about this one...
Genre : Fantasy,Drama,Action
fav. Char. : can't choose it hurts too much when they die :/
Seasons :4 (waiting for 5th :D)

HOUSE MD -"Hugh Laurie" do I need to say anything else about this show??
The way this show focuses on Dr.House and his unusual yet effective way of working in a hospital causing a lot of mischief and causing havoc along the way is simply amazing..I love his on-off relationship with Dr.Cuddy.
Genre : Drama,Comedy
Season : 8
fav. Char : House, Cuddy, Wilson,Foreman,Chase,Cameron,Hadley

SHERLOCK :Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman man they be crazy! I love the way they've re-imagined Sherlock in present world I mean older Sherlock Holmes was awesome but this one is epic..I hate that it has a 3 episode season and now will have to wait till 2016 for next season..the fact each episode is like 90min long helps though...This is a show that one must/should watch!
genre : Mystery,Crime,Drama
Seasons : 3 and counting
fav. Character : Sherlock,Watson,Lestrade,Molly Hooper,Moriarty,Irene Adler (I love her :P)

SUPERNATURAL: Okay might not be the best show around but it's first 5-6 seasons are really worth watching.Two brothers hunting all kinds of monsters, demons, gods and whatnot the storyline is really interesting and does raises some serious questions in a very subtle way...they've totally ruined it since then..season 9 was awful...season 10 the last one (ongoing) is still better than 9 here's to hoping it'll end on an exciting note..
genre : Fantasy,Drama,Horror.
Seasons :10
fav. Character : Dean, Castiel, Crowely, Ruby,Jo,Death,Yellow eyed demon,Garth,Chuck.

SCRUBS :This show is hilarious...Zach Braff is fantastic in this...they also kind of ruined the show towards the end but starting season are really funny and the story line is also very sweet and simple..just few new doctors trying to make it in a learning hospital...Best thing about this show : Has guest appearances from Courtney Cox and Mathew Perry...Yay!
Seasons :9
Genre : Comedy.Drama
fav. Character : JD,Turk,Reid,Cox,Kelso,The Janitor XD

ARROW :Re-imagined show based on Green Arrow comics...this show takes sci-fi comics and turned it into crime show....Action...costumes...Story..amazing...
Seasons : 3 and counting
Genre : Drama, Crime, Sci-Fic.
Fav. Characters : Arrow, Felicity, Diggle,Detective Quienten,Deathstroke!!!,Nyssa

THE FLASH :Spin-of of Arrow...equally amazing..deals with superpowers and all...effects are brilliant for a tv show..
Seasons :1
Genre : Drama,Sci-fic.
Fav. Character : Barry, Dr.Wells.

TRUE DETECTIVE :Another no for younger audience here...but this show..this show!!!Mathew  McConaughey and Woody Harrelson two of the better actors of the hollywood star in this show what else do you need..??and to top it all it also stars Michelle Monaghan..story is slow paced and very much a mystery until mid season and there are a few spots which you might not understand but that is the way it is supposed to be because it all connects in the end and everything is clear.
Seasons :1
Genre :Crime,Drama,Mystery
Fav. Characters : Detective Cohle, Detective Hart.

SMALLVILLE:AShow based on teenage years of superman..I'm no superman fan but still this show is good enough to watch for various reason..teenage drama...good looking actors...some nice moments...DC Comics!Lex's storyline is brilliant!
Seasons : 10
Fav, Character : Lois Lane, Lex Luther,Kent's,Chloe (she is so beautiful *_*), there are so many in this can't name all!
Genre : Sci-Fic,Drama

SUITS:Show based on a couple of lawyers in a lawfirm this show is brilliant..If you are doing law or plan to..watch this :P

Season : 4 and counting
Fav. Character :Donna, Harvey, Mike Ross,Litt!
Genre : Comedy,Drama.

Honarable mentions :
ONCE UPON A TIME (This show is unique it has women lead and women villain and women kicking ass!)

What shows have you seen which one is your favourite?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Is it December Already?

It's December last freaking month of 2014 and then it'll be another new year..So my exams are coming apparently university thinks it's funny to schedule all the exams around Christmas and New Year Eve (It is so not people >_<)...I got practical exams coming up next week in which we have to perform a given experiment followed by a viva and at the end everyone gets marks based on how much teacher likes you no matter how you perform -_- Then after that it's theory..and I recently realized I should study because I don't know anything in syllabus for most of subjects :P
So I published 1 comic this month..chapter-9-aftermath which deals with how I dealt with the events in chapter-8-truth-or-dare but next is going to take time I can draw it but I got something else for you. :)
Do you remember how I asked for Halloween stories to make comics??
I drew Felicia's story and Catalina Blue's story and what I found was it was weird making someone else's comic but good kind of weird I was excited to post those and see whether they like it or not...I'm glad they did thank you for that btw both of you. ^_^
And now this is me coming to the point :
I'd love to make a Christmas themed comic book and I need your help...well we do celebrate Christmas in India but it just might not be same as you celebrate so..
I'd love to make Christmas comics based on your Christmas experiences if you'd let me :D :D
you can put your story in comments or use the contact me form in the right side widgets..however you like...
I'm not saying I'm very good at it...but I'll try my best and make it as good as I can :D
PS - I started working on a fan comic book of my own actually I've been sketching it for a while but recently added colors to it..do tell me what you think about it..and if I need to add something to it..to make it better :)

Told you I'm a huge comic book fan :P

Not a big superman fan but well he is superman can't hate him either

Wonder Woman -she's awesome!

Page 1 end product

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cloudy Dreams : Do the Tag.

So I joined the winter wonderland challenge over at Cloudy Dreams check it out if you haven't.
So 1st task is to do answer a whole bunch of question kind of like a tag..
  1. What is your favourite winter drink? How do you make it? Why is it your favourite?
    Coffee black..One doesn't simply change favourite drink when weather changes! :P
  2. What is your favourite winter month?
    Winter in New Delhi,India is like 2 months long so we only have December and January..December is my favourite no doubt about that..We have Christmas and New Year eve  in December.Layering up in December is always fun but so is wearing nothing warm and feeling cold.
  3. Do you get snow where you live? How much?
  4. What is your favourite winter activity?
    I love when it's so cold out there that smoke comes out of mouth on speaking...I love to blow out a whole lot of smoke from my mouth and pretend I'm a fire Pokemon :P
    Eating Ice-cream in winter is also fun.
  5. What is the best thing about winter?
    Hot Baths and Hot drinks and just the overall change in climate around here seems pleasant.
  6. What is the worst thing about winter?
    Waking up and getting out of hot blanket.
  7. Favourite winter-associated symbol?
    Snowflake never seen one in real life for obvious reasons stated above but all hail internet :D they seem so pure and wonderful.
  8. Tag one blogger to support you whilst you do the challenge/ do it as well.
    Felicia @ A Silly Girls Thoughts would you do this??

Monday, December 1, 2014

CHAPTER 9 : The Aftermath

As I lay there on my bed replaying over and over again events of the day I realized I was no where near understanding anything that happened..it happened all so quickly one minute we were playing next she was telling me "I have a boyfriend"...She felt guilty for not telling me about him...apparently her other 2 best friends koyal grape (purple haired girl) and Jasmine Kiwi (blue haired one) (find them in older comics) knew about him which made things worse for me I was angry at her..I was heartbroken..I was sad...but couldn't show it out loud...suddenly my small world felt as if it was very large and I was lost in it...
color coded speech : pink for angel and red for devil.

Chickoo loved playing dumb and talking to people or playing the left out friend he was an attention seeker.

Just like before I decided that I shouldn't act out because I was afraid of what might happen afraid it would ruin our friendship as well..

COMING SOON : CHAPTER 10 : The Day After.

Neal Kind.

Friday, November 28, 2014

A Lookback

So I've been blogging since August and haven't given up yet which is weird for me so anyways in past 4 months I've posted what you can call a little of my comics...most of my posts are random :P
So here are all my comics in order if you want to read some older ones :) :

Meet my family
Meet my friends

CHAPTER 3 : First day at high school, First crush .

Meet Apple
CHAPTER 4 : Who Says Meow??
Time when a stray cat lived with us

CHAPTER 5 : The School Thing

CHAPTER 6 : The Angel In My Classroom

Meet Mrs.S

CHAPTER 7 : PS I Hate You

My sister meets Mrs.S

CHAPTER 8 : Truth or Dare

we play a game

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Grateful Blogger Tag

So I've never done anything like this so apologize before hand if it isn't right I mean no disrespect :D
It is thanksgiving in America I guess right? But it is just another normal day out here in India but we don't really need Thanksgiving to be grateful to someone do we...We can just say thanks to people we love for the little things they do for us :D
Catalina Blue from The Emo Wolverine Writes gave me this tag so thank you so very much, who's awesome? you are. :D
Rules :
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. List some major things you are grateful for.
3. Tag ten bloggers.

Thank you notes :
1. Thank you mom and sis for being there for me every single day of my life.
Neal Kind.
2. Thank you internet for bringing this huge wide world into my room.
3. Thank you bit torrent for being there so that I can download any movie and TV show for free :P
4. Thank you to everyone who has ever touched my life..I'm who I'm because of you all.
5. Thank you Computer department in my school you people helped me choose a career.
6. Thank you to all the experiences good or bad,happy or sad or heartbreaking.
7. Thank you Spongebob,Pokemon,Dexters Lab.,Jhonny Bravo,Powerpuff Girls,Flintstones,ScoobyDoo,Dragon Ball z,Treasures of the hidden temple,Asterix for coming to tv a the same time every single day and making my childhood fun :D (Seriously what is up with cartoons these days?)
8. Thank you Ice-cream for being so delicious.
9. Thank you people in metro for being so rude and ignorant if not for you I'd get someplace comfortably.
10. Thank you guy who spreads rumors for making people famous.
11. Thank you to my friends for sharing laughs with me.
12. Thank you Ummmm.... for filling uncomfortable silences.
13. Thank you Harry Potter books for being so awesome.
14. Thank you swear words for making arguments when all other words fail you.
15. Thank you that one teacher who hates you for no apparent reason you taught me to not give a crap what you think.
16. Thank you FRIENDS for being the funniest show ever..thank you Chandler,Ross,Joey,Monica,Phoebe,Rachel,Gunther,Janice..thank you :)
17. Thank you Dc and Marvel comics.
18. Thank you Kardashian's for a creating a mystery for why the hell are you all are famous..(seriously does anyone knows why they are famous?) 
19. Thank you to June from The Journeys of my Beating Heart for being my first ever follower it meant alot :)
20. Thank you all of my regular followers...you people make me want to post more :)
21. Thank you anyone who reads my comics...you people are awesome :)
22. Thank you watsapp and facebook for making it easy for stalkers to stalk people -_-
23.Thank you text message for being a way to communicate with people you don't wanna have long conversations.
24. Thank you that one odd relative who drops by in years and expects us to remember him/her. :P
25. Thank you all bloggers who don't read post and simply comment "follow each other? blah blah" and don't follow back after you follow them..
26. Thank you sarcasm for not failing me..and making me have a quick witty reply for everything :P

do you want me to go on or are you bored?? o.O o.O :P
Okay it is weird to tag people for a award...Okay if you read this post and want to do this just leave a comment below and I'll tag you (weird I know) :) :)

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all who celebrate it :D


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Being Indian

Hi..hope you all are well..
It's starting to get cold around here yay! after months of harsh summer it's really nice to have winters finally :D so my blankets are out...hot showers..tea..coffee..cough/cold :P
Take a sip of water...go to washroom if you have to before you start reading this is a very very long post..mostly because I have a cold and don't really want to do anything....and I'm bored really bored...
Okay 26 November is an important date because a couple of years ago India witnessed one of the most horrifying terrorist attack it ever had...Some of them snuck into Mumbai via waterways using a boat and then there reign of terror began...a lot of people died in this attack there wasn't a big bomb blast per say but rather terrorist taking over...it took a lot of effort to eliminate them...a lot of people lost their loved ones...I was in 8th grade back when it happened...I remember getting up to the noise of television at 5 am that morning everyone in my house glued to the television...it took a while before understood what had happened...you see a lot of our relatives live in Mumbai where it was happening and as it turns out my uncle Tony (comic 1) was also there at that time..."they wiped blood like it was water from streets" he said as he witnessed it all after it was over...People who lost their lives in this trying to get them out were honored and are still remembered on this day..May they Rest in Peace..
We Indian we are very different than other countries in the world...Only countries we might have something in common are our neighboring ones..Pakistan most probably but we have a very difficult kind of relation between the two countries..I would rather not go into it...
India is part of one of the oldest civilizations Indus Valley civilization...unlike most countries we have 27 states and none two are same..every state has it's tradition and it's own mother tongue it's like having many mini countries in one country..though our national language is Hindi..We take pride in our traditions and our food...it is considerably spicy than most of the cuisines...We gave world the number 0 and there was a time when people from all over the world used to come here for education purposes...We were ruled by a lot of great dynasties in older times most prominent being the Mughals...Every dynasty every ruler left there own mark on our country...Taj Mahal one of the 7 wonders of world was built by Shahajahan from Mughal dynasty...to be frank Taj Mahal is simply majestic though pollution has made it look less brighter sigh still it looks beautiful..We were called "Golden Bird" once upon a time...this what maybe attracted the Britishers to our country soon their trade turned into colonization of India and we were enslaved by them...it took a lot of time for revolution a lot of sacrifices were made and when we were finally free our country was divided in two India and Pakistan..Oh how horrifying stories I hear from older people escaping from one country to another there was a lot of blood shed...it took us time to stand up after that now we are in hands of corrupt politicians...
As a group we tend to be crazy...most of people are religious nut I don't really care about it..One of the most different thing in our country is parents have a abnormally huge amount of involvement in their kids life...and we don't go buy our own place usually after growing up...Indian families are usually big..spanning to generations all living together...I live with my parents and grandparents that should give you the idea...Arranged marriages are still in trend which is basically throwing two random people together in a room and asking them to live together as married couple (Not cool bro)... we are ignorant and we believe in all kinds of crap (Older people)...I personally believe couple of generations before ours were simply nuts...they are a misused our natural resources..they had all these crappy beliefs..they started sexual discrimination and female foeticide (killing the unborn girl child for those unaware of the term)...they weren't that open minded I guess which is a nice way of showing they were stupid.
Good thing is we are on our way to development and India is becoming a leading country slowly and steadily but still it is so that is nice...education and medication awareness is more that is even better...We have a lot of cool festivals of all religions that is nice...We have a lot of cheerful people...Our cricket team is one of the best at the moment in the world (We are world champions right now)...and there are other alot of beautiful things about India we all like our country in some ways and not like it some these are mine..

If you ever visit India things to do :
1. Eat as much as you can (eg. Gol Gappe, South Indian cuisine (Dosa,Idli,Smabhar,Uthapam,vada wtx),Punjabi cuisine(Chicken Tikka,Butter chicken,Chole Bhature etc), Pav Bhajji etc etc etc). literally eat as much as you can...try as many local cuisines as you can...trust me worth it :P
2. Try Indian sweets-Gulab Jamoon, Rasgula, Ras Malai,Jalebi,Kulfi,Kheer etc)
3. See Taj Mahal.
4, See local wildlife.
5. Attend an Indian wedding if you can
6. Visit Museums some are really cool maybe not really cool like they have in Paris but still.
7, Visit historical places and religious places rather than shopping malls...Rajasthan has quite a few stunning Mahals (forts) with really interesting history behind them..Delhi has Red Fort among many...Madhya Pradesh has a lot of historical temples...Punjab has Golden Temple (yes it is made in gold literally)...visit famous a temple maybe...see Himalayas...go to eastern states having tea gardens and all...
8. Watch some Bollywood movies kindly get opinion on which one to watch before watching.
9. Meet  me :P

Okay this was a very big post that I wouldn't even bother re reading it (I don't re read most of my post that is why there are so many mistakes I should really start posting with proper grammer and all but I am really very lazy :P)

So now to make it fun let's do a Q-A you ask me any question if you want to and I'll answer you as truthfully as I can :) (Please don't ask any real names)

Neal Kind

Monday, November 24, 2014

Soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur

Hope you are all well :)
I will post next chapter next month...3 comics in this month I think that's more than enough :P
So now back to this post..
Past few months my college has been a playground for a cat family..1 mother and her 3 kittens :D
Now the kittens have grown a little and they are always roaming about in the college halls or in the ground...
We students we share our lunch with them which they are more than glad to eat..they love to eat chips though :P I love sharing my lunch with them (I'm crazy about animals) :D
I have only 1 complaint they won't let us pat and scratch them you might touch their fur if they aren't paying attention I've touched only twice for only a couple of seconds :O

In the meanwhile kindly suggest some new kind of post :P what would you like to read :P
Neal Kind